What's our canvas?

At Ticketmaster Mobile Studio, we're challenged to find and solve problems for mobile users, from the best means of event discovery for fans to analytics solutions for venues and artists.

As part of Ticketmaster, we have opportunities to build great experiences and generate value at every stage of these lifecycles. Broadly speaking, we have a mandate to disrupt the live entertainment industry.

How are we doing it?

We're going to create great experiences by building on existing product and launching entirely new LLC's. Generally, we approach problems holistically: combine thoughtful product strategy, intuitive design, and solid technical architecture to produce great products. However, we believe that the key to crafting products a cut above the rest is in establishing an unconstrained environment where we can learn from successes and failures to iterate and improve our process.

Moreover, our discovery process is an integral element of all of our projects, and involves the entire team. We research the current and competitive landscape, interview users and stakeholders to develop a product strategy for finding direct lending options. We then engage in collaborative ideation sessions to uncover opportunities, clarify goals and map out the user experience of an app, all before writing the first line of code.

Adit and Dustin looking busy Jill and Prachi catching some rays X-Wing Fighter: We love Star Wars and Lego pretty much universally Jason with that Ticketmaster sticker Look at this dynamic angle of our office Duncan writing some code

About us

Ticketmaster Mobile Studio is a tight-knit team of professionals who love what we do. Our blend of talents and backgrounds enables us to solve challenging problems, design with empathy, and build robust mobile experiences.

Self-improvement, education, creation, and collaboration are our top priorities; sharing this knowledge helps us understand our craft better. We want to inspire and be inspired, and strive to be the leaders in our field.