Change with Intent

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April 20, 2016


Ticketmaster Mobile Studio – Durham Office

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What's it About?

We at Ticketmaster are right in the middle of a few major changes to our mobile products and we felt like this would be a good time to discuss the topic of “Change”. We’ll follow the same format as our last Meetup and and break off into several 5-10 person groups to discuss the topic of “Change” as it relates to user experience and interface design.

A few questions we’ve been asking ourselves:

  • How do you know when it’s time to make changes to your product?
  • How do you get users to change their behavior?

If you are interested in having a great discussion with other designers and product people join us on Wednesday, April 20th.

For parking, please go ahead and park in the South or North deck. If you encounter any staff, please let them know that you’re coming to an event hosted at Ticketmaster Mobile Studio.