TriDroid: Android State Driven Development

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October 19, 2017


Ticketmaster Mobile Studio

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Android, Development

What's it About?

Mobile applications are largely an exercise in reacting to a varied stream of inputs generated by the user and their interactions with the screen. The challenge for developers is to build a scaffold resilient to change in both the UI and the business logic that remains easy to reason about.

This talk provides an opportunity to move past the surface of MV* (“whatever”) and explore the various Unidirectional User Interface Architectures that have been established, their differences, similarities and how to implement them in an Android project.

Speaker: William Parrish is a Senior Android Developer at Ticketmaster Mobile Studio. His past experience includes lead developer roles at multiple successful NYC startups where he worked on hardware and software projects within the mobile ticketing and transit space, as well as lifesaving Next Generation 911 technology.