Make a Game in BavelBlocks

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October 24, 2017


Ticketmaster Mobile Studio

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What's it About?

Want to learn how to make video games? You will learn how to make games using It’s a fun, colorful and user-friendly way to learn programming and your game will run on laptops, phones and tablets. BavelBlocks has a block-based programming editor that generates JavaScript and is built on the professional grade gaming platform Phaser.

This structure provides familiarity and ease-of-use for beginning programmers as they learn to code: start with blocks, then progress to the more complex language of JavaScript. This session teaches how to make the game “Catching Piggies”. We’ll also teach you how to create artwork for your game using Piskel.

Bring your laptop (windows or mac) with the Chrome browser installed, a google ID for signing into BavelBlocks and Piskel and earbuds