What we've learned by
exploring. creating. listening. not listening. asking questions. testing. iterating. being crazy. pushing limits. moving quickly. breaking things. exploring.

  • How to Structure Product Feedback

     ·  Product, Culture

    Providing feedback on products is tricky. When done properly it can serve as a valuable tool that fosters positive relationships and improves the products we build. When done poorly it can crush spirits and misinform the decisions we make. Through research and practice I’ve established several steps I now use to structure the way I give feedback.

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  • Doing Things Differently

     ·  Culture

    We do things differently.

    We move quickly.

    We try things that sound like good ideas.

    We don’t ask permission.

    We explore.

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  • Charles Proxy with Android

     ·  Android, Development, Testing

    Viewing the network traffic of your app is a great debugging tool. Sure, we can add logs or use Stetho (which I recommend, it’s great!), but sometimes you need to see what is actually going out over the wire. This will walk you through getting Charles Proxy Charles Proxy setup with Android so you can see all your requests, including SSL. If you’ve used Charles in the past you may want to pay attention because there are some new changes with Nougat.

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